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SSID WiFi Manager for Android


This application, named "SSID Wifi Manager", let the user manage the Wi-Fi SSIDs, connecting or disconnetting one SSID, also using widgets to do this job.

This application supports three different widgets, Horizontal, Vertical and Grid widgets. Each widget may include a switch button to enable or disable WiFi, and at least one SSID switch to be enabled or disabled.

Note : starting from Android 6.0 (Marshmallow), all apps having to do with WiFi, need to have the permission for Geolocation. This app has the permissions for Geolocation but only to update SSID/RSSI values. Geolocation service normally is disabled. The user needs to enable it manually inside Settings page. This app does not need GPS service, and does not collect any GPS data.
Please take also note that this app does not automatically switch from one SSID to another SSID, this job is done by Android itself whenever WiFi signal is very poor.


Additional Information

Type Updated Current Version Size Requires Android
Stable September 22, 2022 2.3a 4.66 MB 4.1 and up
Beta September 4, 2020 1.8 3.67 MB 4.0 and up



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Checksum MD5 6cf27d03a40178af35b155c60a89fa1d
Checksum SHA-1 f21c84b200c5535481f2ff7a15d42047b3b185b6
Checksum SHA-256 3e0b79cd8c77f945a94f22feff5ff907ec9392bd7d3185af740144875c98dbaf
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Important Notice

December 1, 2021 : Since release 2.1, this app supports the new "Google Material Design 3" color theming system (also known as Material You). "Material Design 3" is the next evolution of Material Design. "Material Design 3" includes updated theming and components and "Material You" personalization, features like Dynamic Colors, and is designed to be cohesive with the new Android 12 visual style and system UI.
Please give a look to Google website for further informations about "Material You" and to Google website for further informations about Dynamic Colors.
Furthermore this app supports Foldable Devices in all their screen configurations (please see Google website for further informations about Foldable Devices).

Update December 11, 2020 : this app has been removed from the Google Store because it violated some Google policies due to the presence of the app update window within the Info window, therefore from now on the only updating methods will be either inside the app, or via the developer's official website (this site), or on other Internet stores. In all cases, the update must be carried out manually, by activating the feature of installing third-party apps on the Android device.

Update September 28, 2020 : considering that Google has just released the final version of Android 11 and that the below-mentioned problem has not been fixed by Google yet, version 1.8 will be the latest version of this app released on the Google Store. In the future, the only updating methods will be either inside the app, or via the developer's official website, or on other Internet stores. In all cases, the update must be carried out manually, by activating the feature of installing third-party apps on the Android device.
Despite all the difficulties faced up to now, version 1.8 is the first version of this app to introduce an interface that complies with Google "Material Design" directives. This has made this app more modern and more efficient, but also heavier, now the minimum Android version required is 4.1 (Jelly Bean). In the future the requirements will move more and more upwards, expecting that within the next year the minimum Android version will be 4.4 (Kitkat) for this app.

Update June 13, 2020 : considering that at the current date Google is releasing the preliminary versions of Android 11 and that the problem we are discussing here below has not been resolved by Google yet (many programmers continue to ask Google to restore the SSID quick change functionality but Google has decided to go ahead and, for security reasons, prevent the quick change from being executed), since version 1.7 of this app you can update this app directly from the About Window using an internet connection.
The above-mentioned update mode will remain the only update mode after November 2, 2020, since, as already explained here below, it would be useless to publish in the Google Store an only partially-functional app with "targetSdkVersion=29", while on other servers/stores it is possible to publish the fully functional version of the app with "targetSdkVersion=28".
However, I would like to clarify that this app cannot take advantage of the advanced features (such as the Navigation Bar) reserved for my other apps published on the Google Store because these features would bring this app to take up much more space on other servers/stores, therefore this app will maintain a more conventional and basic design.

Starting from November 2, 2020, by decision of Google, all apps that will be published on the Google Play Store must have the parameter "targetSdkVersion" equal to 29. This will result, for all apps using Wi-Fi and working under Android 10 (or later versions), the inability to turn Wi-Fi on or off quickly (this can only be done from the device's Quick Settings) and the inability to receive the SSID data already stored in the Operating System. These two features are crucial to this app.

Since it would be useless to keep this app without SSID data and without the ability to switch from one SSID to another SSID quickly (and directly from this app), and considering the aforementioned Google decision, all versions of this app published after the aforementioned date will cease to work for all users having a device with Android 10 (or later versions). Support for previous versions of Android, that is up to version 9 (Android Pie), will be guaranteed.

Since by the aforementioned date (November 2, 2020) Google should officially release Android 11, the programmers are waiting for any explanations and clarifications from Google itself, in order to find alternative methods to be able to quickly switch from one SSID to another and to be able to get the necessary SSID data in order to continue support for apps that have to do with Wi-Fi.

Currently app "Toggle Status Widget" is ready to support the "targetSdkVersion" parameter equal to 29 and to be able to work under Android 10 (or later versions) using a quick panel to enable or disable Wi-Fi.

Further information:


Release 2.3a - September 22, 2022

Added Fixes

Release 2.3 - July 13, 2022

Added Fixes

Release 2.2 - May 10, 2022

Added Fixes

Release 2.1 - January 24, 2022

Added Fixes

Release 2.0 - November 13, 2021

Note Added Fixes

Release 1.8b - October 26, 2020


Release 1.8a - October 12, 2020

Added Fixes

Release 1.8 - September 28, 2020

Note Added Fixes

Release 1.7 – June 13, 2020

Added Fixes

Release 1.6 – April 7, 2020

Added Fixes

Release 1.5 – February 25, 2020


Release 1.4 – December 10, 2019

Added Fixes

Release 1.3 – October 21, 2019


Release 1.2 – July 12, 2019


Release 1.1 - June 30, 2019

Added Fixes

Release 1.0 - February 12, 2019

First Release.



SSID WiFi Manager