Dark Mode QS
Technology / Software / Android / Dark Mode QS
This app allows you to change the current System's Dark Mode by using a Quick-Settings tile. Link
Proximity Sensor Test
Technology / Software / Android / Proximity Sensor Test
This app allows you to test the Proximity Sensor. Link
SSID WiFi Manager
Technology / Software / Android / SSID WiFi Manager
This application, named "SSID Wifi Manager", let the user manage the Wi-Fi SSIDs, connecting or disconnetting one SSID, also using widgets to do this job. Link
Toggle Status Widget
Technology / Software / Android / Toggle Status Widget
This application, named "Toggle Status Widget", let the user create widgets including status and switch items. Link
Wake On LAN Utility
Technology / Software / Android / Wake On LAN Utility
This application let the user send a Wake-on-LAN network message (also called "Magic Packet") in order to turn a remote network device on. Link