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Latest News about Android Apps

October 27, 2020

Android targetSdkVersion 29

As announced by Google on its page dedicated to Android Developers, from November 2, 2020 it will be possible to publish apps only with a "targetSdkVersion" 29 or later. Of my apps, only two have more or less serious issues - these issues only affect users of devices running Android 10 or later.

October 27, 2020

Material Design

In this section I will give a brief explanation on using Google's "Material Design" on my Android apps.

I decided to use Google's "Material Design" after the implementation of the Navigation Bar inside "Toggle Status Widget" app at the end of June 2020. Actually the first real implementation of the "Material Design" happened with version 1.7 of "Toggle Status Widget" app and with version 1.8 of "SSID WiFi Manager" app, both published at the end of September 2020.
The use of the Navigation Bar and the subsequent use of the "Material Design" led to a weighting of apps and a significant increase in the size of the APK files. Therefore I decided to avoid the use of "Material Design" on some basic apps (such as "Container Check Digit Creator" app), trying to simulate "Material Design" as much as possible, without weighing down the apps and without increasing the size of the APK files.

Two tables are displayed below, the first shows the apps that use the Material Design (with the Navigation Bar), the second shows the apps that don't use the Material Design (so they don't have the Navigation Bar).

Apps WITH "Material Design" (WITH NAVIGATION BAR)

App Name Minimal Release
App Manager 1.0
SSID WiFi Manager 1.8
Toggle Status Widget 1.7
Wake On Lan Utility 1.6


App Name Minimal Release
Container Check Digit Creator 1.7
Dark Mode QS 1.3
IBAN Check Digit 1.6
Proximity Sensor Test 1.3