Giuseppe Parrello



This compressed file contains:

  1. a Pascal Unit for the management of .INI files with source code.
  2. a Pascal Unit for the management of the mouse hardware device with source code.
  3. a Pascal Unit with some useful functions and procedures with source code.
  4. a sample Pascal program that uses the three above-mentioned Pascal units.


One of the following operating systems:

One of the following Pascal development environments:


File Size Build Date
INITEST.ZIP 42 KB 1.0 11 March 2010

CheckSum Value
CRC32 98381012
MD5 CC5E1108D3C51D71B4770F42E1D178E5
SHA-1 E3E8D8FE702D0F9A92AD844DA1138B362DA2AABF



11 March 2010 - Release 1.0
First released version.


List of files

clean.batFile batch to remove the object files created by the compiler.
fpmake.batBatch file to compile the program using Free Pascal.
INIDRIVE.PASPascal source file of unit for .INI file management.
INITEST.EXEExecutable file of sample program INITEST.
INITEST.INISample .INI file created by sample program INITEST.
initest.pasPascal source file of sample program INITEST.
MOUSETPU.PASPascal source file of unit for mouse management.
OTHERTPU.PASPascal source file of unit for supporting sample program INITEST.
tpmake.batBatch file to compile the program using Borland Turbo Pascal 7.


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